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Welcome to Greerdans Ragdoll Cattery

Greerdans Ragdoll Cattery is located in Massachusetts and has been breeding quality Ragdolls cats for over 25 years.  Health and socialization of our babies is very important.  Babies are born in our bedroom and handled daily.  We also have frequent visits from our grandkids, and the babies are well socialized with our black lab, Millie.  When they leave our home at 11 weeks of age, they integrate well into their new families. 

Kittens are spayed or neutered at 10 weeks of age, are wormed, have their first two shots, and a health certificate when they leave our cattery.  In addition, we offer a two year health guarantee.   Babies  can be registered in TICA or CFA. 

We are expecting two litters in October, 2017.   Kittens from these litters would be blue bi-color, seal bi-color and seal mitted.   Deposits are now being taken on these litters.   Please email or call for more information.

Greerdans Ragdoll Cattery has recently retired our two males - Jaspurr and Finnegan who have gone to loving forever homes. They are beautiful boys and have sired most of our Ragdoll babies.

Trixie's babies below at 8 weeks.

Greerdans Ragdoll Cattery is a TICA and CFA registered Massachusetts cattery located in Tyngsboro raising quality seal, blue, tortie, lynx and flame Ragdoll kittens. Our cats are never caged, and live in our busy house with 5 human companions, a Black Lab, 2 birds and 2 bunnies.

We are proud members of TICA (The International Cat Association), CFA (The Cat Fanciers' Association), RFCI (Ragdoll Fanciers Club International), RI (Ragdoll International), and RFW (Ragdoll Fanciers Worldwide Club). Our cats are registered with TICA and CFA (The Cat Fanciers Association).

Blue Tortie Female kitten

Ragdolls are a large breed with beautiful blue eyes, laid-back, loving and very effectionate. They make ideal family members in households with children and other pets. Ragdoll kittens are born white and do not reach their full color and size until about 3 years of age. Spayed females weigh about 10 - 12 lbs, neutered males weigh about 15 - 20 lbs at maturity. The coat of the Ragdoll is soft "bunny like" and silky and requires little care.

Ragdolls come in the following colors: Seal, Blue, Lilac (frost), Chocolate, Red (flame), and Cream. Points may be Solid, Lynx and Tortie. Beautiful blue eyes are standard with the Ragdoll breed.

Ragdolls come in three color patterns: Mitted - colored mask, ears, tail and legs with white mittens on their front feet and boots on their back feet. Pads of paws are pink. White chin and ruff. Bi-color - White inverted "V" mask, white legs, feet, ruff and stomach. Color point ears and tail. Colorpoint- Colored mask, ears, feet tail and nose.
Feel free to contact us about litter availability at (978)502-4332.

Ch Darlinlildolls Luna of Greerdans a blue bi-color at 9 months of age.

Beautiful 11 week old Cream babies
of Lillys 

Gracie our blue lynx bi-color as a baby


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