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All About Ragdolls

This is Lillian - Kachinadolls Orange Blossom - my flame point female
Ragdoll cats are very effectionate and love being handled. They are easily trained to play fetch, and are playfull without being destructive. Because of their gentle nature, they must be strictly indoor cats as they will not defend themselves.

My kittens and their owners are friends for life, and I am always available to answer questions. If well cared for, a kitten purchased from Greerdans Cattery will provide years of entertainment and love.
There are several well known stories on how the Ragdoll breed originated. The best documented is that a cat named Josephine, a white Angora Persian cat, owned by Ann Baker in the 1960s had a litter of kittens that were very unusual. Ann realized Josephine's kittens were special so she set out ot carefully breed these kittens.

The kittens were large, floppy and had extremely friendly dispositions. They had beautiful blue eyes and long non-matting fur. Josephine was carefully bred to a Birman type to preserve the look, and the result was the Ragdoll breeed as we know it now. The traits of the Ragdoll can only be found in Josephine's descendants. The look may vary slightly, but the disposition must remain the same to be a Ragdoll.

Lilly is an exceptional Mom. Newborn babies are attended to 24 hours a day.

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