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Available Kittens

 We are expecting two litters in October of 2017.   Trixie and Autumn our seal bi-colors have both been bred.   Kittens would be seal or blue bi-color, or seal mitted.   Deposits are now being taken on these litters. 


 For more information, contact me at ( 978)502-4332 or  ragdollhouse@aol.com.

Here are 3 of the cuties from Trixie's current litter.  These babies have all been placed in the forever homes.
These pictures below are some of the babies from two of our last litters.

This spunky seal bi-color baby of Halleys will steal your heart. He purrs to be picked up, purrs for his Mom and loves to be held. He has just gone to her new home with the Taylor family.

These two babies of Halleys were the best of buddies and had georgeous fur and beautiful markings.  Both are new in their new homes

Bella's seal mitted male is now being loved by the Fredo family. He has a beautiful long coat and a very sweet disposition.

Every one of our Ragdoll babies receives individualized attention and lots of hugs and kisses from an early age. We want them all to be well socialized for a smooth transition to their new homes.  They are born in our bedroom and handled daily

Kittens are ready to go home at 12 weeks of age. All pet kittens are spayed and neutered before they leave, have 2 sets of kitten vaccines, wormed and a full veterinary exam. They are leave home with food, toys and cat care information.  Breeding cats are only sold to established Ragdoll catteries. (For an excellent article by the Winn Feline Foundation about early spay/neuter please click the following link. Winn Feline Foundation )

We carefully screen each prospective family that is interested in one of our babies.  Babies can be visited after 6 weeks of age.

To be placed on our wait list, a $200 non-refundable deposit is required. Our cattery is small, and many of our babies have homes when they are few weeks old.  We recommend you call early to be placed on our waiting list.
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Our breeding cats have come from exceptional, well known catteries. Thank you Denise Cuzzupe of Lottarags, Isabelle Bellavance from Kebekat, Sandy Wooster from RagAngels, Gail Arthur from Darlinlildolls, Wanda Younger from LeCapri and Tricia Brissette from Mt. Hope for my beautiful cats.

My kittens are sold with a contract which includes a NO declawing clause, and an agreement that the cat must remain an indoor pet.  My breeding program emphasizes health and personality and we strive to keep our Ragdoll cats free of any health problems. Greerdans Ragdolls guarantees that the kitten is free of Feline Leukemia (FELV), Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP), and Feline Immune Deficiency Virus (FIV Feline AIDS) at the time of placement.  Our adults cats have ALL been tested for HCM and have tested negative. 

Greerdans also guarantees against hereditary or congenital defects that cause death to a cat or kitten until two years of age.
Having a new pet in your home is a wonderful experience and your Ragdoll kitten will give you many years of joy and laughter.

Click here to contact me!

Leslie T. Costigan

Tyngsboro, MA

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