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Our Queens

Ch Kebekat Bella Cosa of Greerdans is our seal bi-color girl and our first CFA Champion.  Thank you Isabelle Bellevance for this beautiful girl.

RagAngels Mi Amor of Greerdans (Mia) a blue mitted with a blaze is truly the most lovey of our Rags.  She came to us from Sandy Wooster of RagAngels Cattery and just became a Mom to 4 beautiful babies.

CH Darlinlildolls Luna of Greerdans is a beautiful blue bi-color with stunning deep blue eyes.  She came to us from Gail Arthur of Darlinlildolls in Canada.  We are so happy to add this purr baby to our home.   Luna just became a Champion in CFA after several fantastic shows.  As a kitten in NH she took home a Best Kitten and 5th best in an All Breed Rings and a 4th and 6th best kitten in Specialty Rings.   
Professional Photo by Chanan


RagAngels Sophia of Greerdans is our stunning seal mitted lynx girl and has just started her show career


This girl with the crazy face who we just couldn't sell is Dreamer a seal tortie baby of Halleys pictured here at 11 weeks of age.   We can't wait for her tortie colors to come in even more.



Kachinadolls Orange Blossom (Lilly) is a flame point girl who has been a wonderful mother for us.  She produced some beautiful kittens for us and has recently been retired to her furever home at the Bennett's.

LeCapri Amazing Grace of Greerdans was our first blue lynx bi-color.  Now retired she is in her furever home with the Douvris family.

LeCapri Halleys Comet of Greerdans is a seal tortie bi-color.  She is a big girl and this past year her beautiful torti color has come in beautifully.  Thank you Wanda Younger for our sweet Halley


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